La La Land Script

La La Land Script

by Breck Yunits

November 17, 2022 — I'm selling my copy of the La La Land script signed by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. 100% of proceeds will go to Cancer Research and 100% of proceeds will go to paying artists to create public domain mp3s for this website,

Wait, doesn't that add up to 200%?

Yes. I will personally provide the matching funds.

La La Land tied for the most nominated movie in Oscar History (14 nominations, 6 wins)

Bid for it on eBay or buy it instantly by sending $14,000 of NEAR to cancerdb.near or musicofapeople.near.

Here it is (nearly) pristine.

It has taken on a little wear and tear under my ownership.

When you own it you too can write whatever you want in it.

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